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COLOSIMO Coffee Roasters/ CCR cafe opening Day

Well Today is the day. We open our doors for the first time. Over the past 15 years we have opened many cafes for our clients. Always trying our best to give help and advice to new Cafe owners. We love seeing the project come together and see peoples dreams of owning there own shop come to life. At COLOSIMO coffee we still love and continue to visit our clients every two weeks with fresh roasted coffees, syrups and teas. Anything required really to help them be successful was and is our main focus.

From educating and training the baristas, to offering new ideas/ recipes and seasonal offerings for the cafe is what we do best. At COLOSIMO Coffee we have seen what works & what doesn't. With our coffees being weekly roasted, this gives our customers the ability to be a premium cafe and provide Direct trade coffees with a story to be able to pass along to their customers. Our Clients who pair with us become more than just a customer. Many friendships have been made and we feel we have gone past just a vendor and supplier relationship. We know our clients have there whole life in their business and we take that very serious and work tirelessly to help them be successful.

Today we step forward on our own path. Our own ideas of what we would like to see in our shop. We will still always be there for our clients providing the same great coffees and service they come to expect but we feel the time is right to open for the first time our very own Coffee Bar. We will be located at the Sport for life Building on the street level. 145 Pacific ave in the exchange district, downtown Winnipeg.

Our goal was to create a cafe that is a welcoming shop where everyone will feel comfortable. Every time you enjoy a cup in our shop, we want it to be an experience for not only your taste buds. So if you decide to stop by on the way to or from the office , or stay at our window bar and enjoy your time of peace and reflection with that cup. we cant wait to see ya! Ciao!

J Colosimo

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