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Colosimo Coffee roasters is proud to present CCR cafe.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We always dreamed of opening our own shop, To have our own voice on the streets. A space to feature our coffees as well as being able to feature our coffee customers foods and deserts. We are a different Cafe since we have always been a roaster and supplier to other cafes, Providing support and our knowledge to our customers as well as ongoing new coffee offerings and training.

Now we feel is the perfect time to create a space of our own

that allows you to not just drink coffee, but experience our coffees and to hear our story behind our coffees first hand.

We love seeing our customers come in for for a quick conversation with a friend or just a cup on your own and have a break from your day. When you leave with a smile is our final goal.

Welcome to COLOSIMO Coffee roasters / CCR Cafe.

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