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Papua New Guinea - Amuliba Estate

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This is a very rare and incredible coffee from Papua New Guinea, and all of Indonesia.  To find a Typica is unique as is to find a fully washed processing method in this part of the world.  This coffee profile would be similar to a highly graded Costa Rican. 

Amuliba Estate was planted in the mid 1950s by Norm Plant, a respected Australian expatriate who also planted the first trees on the Sigri Plantation, which borders Amuliba, and pioneered the use of the Aqua Pulper (a de-pulping machine) in the Western Highlands in the 1950s.

In March 1978, Amuliba was acquired by Philip Kapal—who goes by the name Nani and is the village leader of the Tsekaka clan—through the the Karkopi Development company.

Amuliba is 91 beautiful, abundant hectares and has always been covered in shade trees, to minimize any need for chemicals. The estate is currently in the process of applying for Rainforest Alliance certification.

To increase the plantation’s production and support the local community, Nani buys from surrounding smallholders and offers them the option to receive full payment up front or maintain ownership of the coffee through wet and dry processing and its sale as green coffee.

Coffee is picked by hand, pulped, washed in vats, dried in the sun and hulled and polished by machine.

Profile:  Soft, mild with notes of Vanilla and roasted tea.

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