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Winnipeg's premier home & business coffee provider

Truly Great Coffee

At COLOSIMO Coffee roasters we go to great lengths to not only achieve meaningful relationships with our customers but with our Farmers as well. We are obsessed with the endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.  


We truly feel that every cup should be exciting. Our passion for responsibly sourced coffees offer more than just the highest quality coffees, it allows us to ensure that the future generations are able to keep enjoying this fabulous drink. 

A Little About Us...

COLOSIMO coffee roasters is a division of A.M Coffee services. Locally owned and operated since 1997. What began from humble beginnings has grown to become a 3 time Consumers Choice Award winner.


Cafe Colombian:  Direct trade, single origin coffee will tantalize your taste buds with notes of chocolate , hazelnut and vanilla. 

DIRECT Trade Coffee

What is DIRECT trade coffees?

Direct Trade Coffee is a relatively new term which refers to the purchasing practices of coffee roasters who chose to make a direct relationships with the farmers they buy from.  

We choose to work directly with our coffee growers for a few reasons:

| Direct trade allows us to work with the farmers at origin to produce flavor profiles which are unique and stand out from what is available through the open market.

| We are able to work directly with farmers who are as passionate about growing coffee, and who want to produce the best coffee they can. We agree to pay a premium for this level of quality and service. 


COLOSIMO coffee roasters Direct Trade partners receive approximately 25% more for their coffee than what FAIRTRADE would pay them. 

100% arabica 

COLOSIMO Coffee of the month Club

Join the club!  COLOSIMO Coffee of the month club is sure to satisfy your palate. Receive 1 2LB bags of our freshly roasted 100% Arabica beans from around the world delivered to your door.  All shipping is free. Every month we will have our feature of the month shipped to your door. Be adventurous and have our coffee of the month delivered or have a roast of your choice instead. Each delivery is covered by our unbeatable " You'll love it!" Guarantee. We will email you a delivery confirmation and the monthly feature 24 hours prior to delivery so if you'd like a different roast just let us know! :)  


Feature coffee: CAFE COLOMBIAN ( medium Roast)

3 Month Club 


6 Month Club


Free Delivery in Winnipeg. 

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